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Here's the cold, hard truth: Kelly Clarkson got the career Darci wanted!

As a highly-trained professional vocalist/musician for nearly four decades, Darci Monet has been privileged with many opportunities to sing in the studio and on stage with major music icons like Dolly Parton, Steve Winwood and The Judds, as well as in film and television like "Napoleon Dynamite" and "How I Met Your Mother." Early in her career as a studio vocalist she was even known as a "one take wonder." But due to unresolved childhood trauma that imprinted limiting beliefs upon her identity, she never reached her own dream of becoming a world-renowned recording artist/actor/media personality. The sense of failure led her to withdraw from music and much of life in general for a period of years.

After committing to doing the intensive, ongoing work to heal her past, Darci is now an Intuitive Voice and Mindset Transformation Specialist for Performing Artists. She employs her own Tech and Truth Vocal Method™, extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry, personal growth experience and her empathic abilities to coach exceptionally talented vocalists on a career path in the performing arts. She not only guides them in fine-tuning their vocal technique and performance skills, but helps them "sing past" any of their own limiting beliefs that may keep them from reaching their full potential. Darci passionately agrees with feminist author E.M. Broner in that "The total person sings; not just the vocal cords."

Training with Darci can help you improve upon and/or master the following:
  1. A daily vocal workout that will keep your cords in tip-top shape well into your golden years.
  2. Chest mix - Darci's specialty; no blowing out your voice ever again.
  3. Breathing - it's just not as complicated as some would have you think.
  4. Tone - color, warmth and fullness can be yours, usually with minor adjustments.
  5. Range - did you know you could hit that note? Totally true. And (usually) easy.
  6. Power - louder is not correcter; learn to hit the back of the room without shouting.
  7. Flexibility - clean up licks, smooth through passaggios and switch placements with ease.
  8. Style development - find your own voice as an artist and/or learn to sing varying styles.
  9. Song choice & interpretation - choose perfect songs for you and tell the story convincingly.
  10. Performance skills - it's less about choreography and more about sharing your truth. 
  11. Vocal "cheats" - how to save your voice during performance and still make it musical.
  12. Destroy limiting beliefs - tools to help heal from past trauma that may be holding you back.
  13. Confidence building - kick your inner Negative Nate or Debbie Downer to the curb.
  14. Audition/show/tour prep - Darci can get you ready for whatever is on your horizon.
  15. Speech protection - learn how to save your singing voice by protecting your speaking voice.
  16. Songwriting consultation - constructive critique and guidance in contemporary song craft.

Plus so much more that is unique only to YOUR glorious vocal cords and YOUR desires and dreams as an artistic, creative being. Darci takes students in person in L.A. or anywhere via Zoom or Facebook video, ages ten and up. Whatcha waiting for? Book a Sing Like You Mean It Strategy Sesh with us today for half off! 

If you'd like, you can find out more about Darci's creative shenanigans in general at the links below.

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