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"Darci is fantastic. She really knows her stuff. I needed a fast prep for an audition and she fit me into her schedule to get me ready. She helped select a song that really showed off my voice. I have never felt more ready for an audition in my life! She knows the voice so well and reminded me kindly of the habits I continue to do that block my resonance. Thank you Darci!!!"

~David Haverty
Los Angeles, California

"I have been coached by Darci for several years and have improved exponentially. I have had a few other coaches in the past but Darci blows them out of the water. The challenging and sometimes weird exercises she has given me have increased my range and unlocked a world of new voices/ways of singing. As a songwriter, she always has great ideas and advice from a real world and commercial perspective as well as an artistic one. She has done more for me as an artist than anyone in my life."

~Sara Coda
Los Angeles, CA

"Darci is an amazing voice teacher. I could tell a positive change in my singing after the first lesson. Her easy-going personality created a very welcoming atmosphere and I was comfortable practicing around her. She gave me tons of positive reinforcement and now I can get to a high F# an octave above the staff!"

~Elaine Oakley Hammel
Los Angeles, California

“Darci is well-known and admired for her excellent musicianship. Anyone studying under her tutelage comes away a better singer/musician after working with her. Darci is also honest and dependable, an expert 'people person.'" 

~David Johnson
Cabaret Artist
Los Angeles, California

“Darci Monet is definitely someone who is talented and great at many skills in the music industry. Her artistry speaks for itself and encompasses great songwriting and soul. Her voice will surely give you an idea of her excellent vocal training and her own teaching as well. I highly recommend Darci and know that with her tenacity and drive, her working situations will be nothing but professional."

~Gerald White
Colleague/Vocal Coach/Professional Vocalist
Los Angeles, California

"Growing up as an instrumentalist, I always wanted to be a singer. I was nervous to take voice lessons, but Darci eased me into it using great techniques and showing me that she is the REAL deal. I really enjoy going to my lessons and learning from someone who KNOWS her stuff…"

~Elyza Bleau
New York, NY

"Darci Monet's deliberate style and phrasing simply cannot be touched. Her ability to transport any audience from the venue to her living room is nothing short of alchemy. Monet conveys a sincere desire to share her considerable gifts with her artists. Study with her; you have nothing to lose but reasons for record labels and casting directors to pass on you."

~James R. Wigginton
Colleague/Vocal and Performance Coach
Vocal Edge Studio on Music Row
Nashville, Tennessee

"Darci's flexibility and power are amazing. She has discovered through performance and study how to make her voice go anywhere it needs to! Any singer will benefit from her knowledge and experience."

Janet Kenyon, Online Vocal Workshops, Singing Workshop, Singing Classes, Zoom Vocal Class, Contemporary Singing, Best Voice Lessons In Los Angeles
~Janet Kenyon
Colleague/Vocal Coach
Nashville, Tennessee

"I first heard Darci when I lived in Nashville and I was so impressed with the power in her voice and her range. We became friends when we both lived in L.A. and since then we've performed and written together a few times. Considering her skill set, I have no doubt studying with her would be a wise decision for any aspiring artist."

Tiffany The Singer. Online Vocal Workshops, Singing Workshop, Singing Classes, Zoom Vocal Class, Contemporary Singing, Best Voice Lessons In Los Angeles
Recording Artist/Songwriter/80's Pop Icon
Nashville, Tennessee